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    One to One Coaching  

     I have coached senior executives, public officials, elected officials and senior leaders at major corporations, public agencies and nonprofits for the past 20 years.  It is truly a pleasure to work with a person who wants to master new skills that will make them more effective in their daily interactions with staff, clients or key stakeholders.  After a one hour, free initial consultation, I will customize a program based on your needs. The following is an example of the issues that I have been asked to address. 

    For Those Early in their Career or Recent College Graduates

    • Do you need feedback on your interviewing skills?
    • Are you trying to navigate the office politics you have found in your new job?
    • Is your boss not listening to you just because you are "so young"? 

    I have facilitated the onboarding programs for major corporations that are designe to successfully integrate new employees into the workforce.  My work has involved translating the "unspoken rules" of success in large organizations so that new employees are positioned for optimum success.  I can help you with your transition into the workforce and make your first job a real success. 

    For Senior Executives and Managers

    • Are you looking for a way to position yourself for additional leadership opportunities?
    • Is your team struggling to work together effectively?
    • Have you been given a project that requires new skills or update the skills you have now? 

    These are just a few of the reasons why I am asked to work with senior executives as a personal coach. I will work with you to help you navigate the factors that can influence your success and focus on leadership style, personal brand management, executive pressence  and strategy. I use a variety of learning methods--from case study to vignettes--to facilitate your growth as an effective leader. 

    Coaching Programs
    • Basic Program (Ideal for newly employed and or those who started a new job) This is a three month program of online and phone coaching, maxiumum of 4 hours per month.  Save $350 by paying $1,000 in full at the beginning or $450 per month.   You will have a choice of key areas of focus:  Building Confidence, Communicating Effectively, Career Mapping, Team Building, and Project Management.  
    • Executive Program (Ideal for senior executives looking to work confidentially on key skills essential to success in the new competitive workplace) This is a six month program of on-line and phone coaching, maximum of 8 hours coaching per month.  Save $500 by paying $6,500 in full at the beginning or $1,170 per month.  In addition to the themes listed above, this program can address Executive Presence, Authentic Leadership, Navigating Politics, and Gaining Visibility in the C-Suite.  

    • Customized Program If you are interested in a face-to-face coaching program tailored to your unique situation and career objectives, I would be happy to design a custom program for you.  These programs have a minimum of 3 months commitment and $5,000 paid up front, plus any travel related costs. We will meet for a half day, in person and design your program which can include a 360 degree assessment of your leadership style or other tools relevant to your career objectives and professional development goals.
    • For those who are unemployed, Please sign up for a one hour free coaching session in the link below.  I am available on a limited basis for $25 per hour (limited to 3 sessions)

    To be clear, these programs are different from "life coaching".  This work stems from my corporate consultations where I have worked on designing talent optimization efforts for new hires and high potentials.  It is also based on work I've done among executive teams focused on key strategic activity where leadership and coordination of major initiatives is essential to their business units' success. Effective coaching with measureable results require a 3 - 6 month time frame in order to achieve the best results.   It is essential to follow through on key activities and reflective exercises.  Your investment should take into account the goals you set for your professional development and your current employment situation and career plans.  

    Please set up a free 1 hour initial discussion here. I look forward to speaking with you! To Your Continued Success, Maria